Thursday, October 7, 2010

McGizmo Haiku


Just a quick post today, as schoolwork needs to be done, but I thought I'd show you something interesting.  Some of these $500US custom lights, all titanium construction, actually get USED!  Imagine that!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Malkoff MD2

Valued readers,

Some of you mentioned that the shorter/smaller light seen in the previous post about the Hound Dog would be more useful, so I think that I'd give it a quick down-and-dirtry review. 

Seen here on the far left, and ignore the SureFire Combat Ring attached to the bottom of the light.  The other three are MD3 and MD4 Wildcats.

It's known as the Malkoff MD-2, and is a 2-cell "host", if you will, for any of Malkoff's P-60 sized LED Drop Ins.  You can buy them complete from Malkoff with a drop in pre-installed, such that you just turn it on out of the package, but if you're looking for a little bit different light output, or tint, feel free to swap the LED module to any other P60 sized drop in.

Seen on the bottom, an MD2 and an MD3 immediately above it.

I'll have more pictures to add later on, but the MD2 is approximately the same size as a SureFire 6P, a very, very common flashlight.

I'll have time to post some beamshots in a later post.

Thanks for the interest!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Malkoff Hound Dog

First off, I want to mention that my friend Sarah Bananahammocks has posted a new P90X entry.  Check it out!

Next, I`m going to briefly talk about the Malkoff Hound Dog flashlight.  And sorry about the apostrophes, I`m on a silly french keyboard.

Seen in the CENTER.  Left is a Malkoff MD2, right is a Malkoff Wild Cat, both of which will be covered in later reviews.
Now, this is a flashlight offered by Malkoff Devices, visible here (and I know it`s sold out, but more on that in a second).
This is the Malkoff Devices "Hound Dog" Flashlight.  The output is 325 (measured) Out The Front Lumens.  It was designed primarily for throw (reach) and will easily illuminate objects at 1000+ feet.  The Flashlight has an approximate 7 degree beam with good spill.  The LED is a Cree XP-G.  The reflector was custom designed by Don McLeish for this flashlight.  It has a High/Low function accessed by head rotation.  The low output is approximately 40-60 lumens depending on batteries used. 
 As above, the light`s putting out 325 out-the-front lumens, which is EXTREMELY bright.  All of Malkoff`s lights come with the warning that you can cause eye damage at close range.

This light is built more for throw than for spill, but as you can see below, it does an alright job of illuminating the surroundings as well.
The light isn`t overly large, either, given it`s tremendous output.  It runs on three CR123 primary cells, but can also use two 18500 Lithium Ion rechargeables, should you choose to go that route, with the CR123`s providing a longer runtime than the rechargeables.

Wildcat MD4 top, Hound Dog MD3 next, then an MD2 head with MD3 body, and finally a turnkey MD2.
And I say that 3 CR123`s are required, but the beauty of a Regulated flashlight is that the output doesn`t change, only the runtime is influenced by how many batteries are used - so the Hound Dog can be run on an MD2 body (two CR123`s or one 18650 rechargeable), an MD3 body (three CR123`s or two 18500`s), or an MD4 body (four CR123`s or two 18650`s), all of which are available directly from Malkoff Devices as options.

Take your pick, but it`s a beautiful light!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

HDS Clicky

I figured that instead of touching on a few lights for a few people, I would focus on one good light that everybody should have.

When I say everybody, I mean everybody who can work out a few mouse clicks.  If double clicking escapes your grandfather or parents, this isn't a light for them.

I've featured it a few times before, but since I ordered one the other day, I figured I'd do an introductory post now and a detailed review when I got it in my hands.

I've mentioned it before, but what I'm going to talk about today is the HDS Systems EDC Clicky (formerly known as the Ra Clicky).  Specifically, the 170 Tactical, which is the 170 lumens version (also available in 100 High CRI, 140 wide, and 140 guaranteed tint narrow).  Runs on ONE CR123!  Incredible!

You can get it from HDS System's website, or from OVEREADY.COM

The first point I'd like to mention is that the light (slightly over 3" long and 1" wide) is small enough to go in any purse, or nestle nicely in your back pocket alongside your wallet.  Personally, my phone goes front left, keys front right (with Strider SMF clipped to pocket edge), and my wallet back left, so with a pocket clip, this light may ride back right clipped to pocket edge.

With a programmable User Interface, and 4 possible fixed settings, you can choose any one of the 26 available brightness levels (including strobe, for those that had asked about it), and it'll fit your needs.  The brightest, 170 lumens on this particular model, is MORE THAN BRIGHT ENOUGH FOR ANY APPLICATION!  The size of the reflector doesn't lend itself to a lot of throw (that'll be covered in tomorrow's post), but it can get the job done.  The lowest setting (.08 of a lumen), is commonly referred to as "moonlight", and will give you enough light for dark-adjusted eye navigation.  The runtime is guaranteed 1 hour at maximum brightness, and will go for over 6 days on the lowest!  Incredible!

The crenelated bezel, while good for hitting a motherfucker in the bridge of the nose, is also good for indicating whether the light is on when bezel down.

Available from SureFire is the F-04 light diffuser, which is a rubber cap with an opaque lens, allowing for a generous spill when reading a map or lighting up a room by bouncing light off of the ceiling.

Seen left is an unfiltered light, with the F-04 filtered light on the right.

The cost may be a little high for some, weighing in at about $149 for the 140 lumen models, $189 for the 170 Tacticals, but you're only going to buy it once...

Have a look at either website mentioned above for more information!